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What makes my practice unique?

My practice combines traditional, evidenced-based Internal Medicine and cutting edge, evidenced-based Lifestyle Medicine. Internal medicine is the medical specialty concerned with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of adult diseases. Lifestyle Medicine is an emerging specialty concerned with the prevention of disease, by identifying genetic predisposition to disease before the development of symptoms, and then treating the predisposition with optimal diet, exercise and lifestyle change to halt and reverse its development. For those with an existing disease, Lifestyle Medicine maximizes natural healing and thus offers additional help to stop progression of disease and attempt to reverse the process. Further, while offering a more natural approach to health, Lifestyle Medicine does not subscribe to the absolute avoidance of medications or procedures, but the avoidance of unnecessary medications and procedures. Indeed, for some patients at high-risk, optimal medication in addition to aggressive lifestyle improvement may produce the best possible health outcome.


Because the primary focus of my practice-both traditional, evidenced-based Internal Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine-is the prevention of disease, the domain name of this web site is: Thus, on my web site you will find the immunizations and screening tests recommended by evidenced-based Internal Medicine to prevent disease and identify it at an early curable stage (e.g., mammogram, PAP smear, and colonoscopy); additionally, on this web site you will find ways to identify predisposition to disease which is based in your lifestyle, genetics and family history, as well as evidenced-based diet, exercise and lifestyle change strategies to lower that risk in measurable ways.















My practice is also unique because of the collaborative nature of Lifestyle Medicine. I work with you-individually and collectively. Strategies, techniques, and changes in lifestyle require time. I spend time listening, explaining, demonstrating and supporting change. I do not only talk the talk; I walk the walk. I share with you my ongoing personal effort to live a healthy lifestyle. One size does not fit all and I individualize recommendations and spend the time needed to encourage success. Because lifestyle change requires a frequency of patient contact not always supported by the current healthcare system, I have developed strategies to increase my contact with patients. The Prevent It Now!® program is a 12-week program in a small group class format that allows me the time to teach you and to listen to you and for all of us to learn from one another. Prevent It Now!® demonstrates the power of community to encourage and sustain a healthy lifestyle. Because the effects of lifestyle change on such measures as blood pressure, blood sugar, and blood cholesterol require close monitoring while different strategies are tried, I generally see my patients with multiple medical problems and multiple risks 3-4 times a year with blood work obtained for those visits whenever a significant change in medication, diet, exercise, or body weight occurs. It is only with such close, appropriate monitoring that together we can determine what combinations of strategies work best for you. Such close, appropriate monitoring of surrogate markers of disease serves as your entry to the cutting edge approach of Precision Medicine.

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The proper approach can lower your risk in measurable ways.

My practice is collaborative.  I will work with you individually and collectively.

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