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Prevent It Now!

Prevent It Now!® may be the cutting edge Lifestyle Medicine

and disease prevention program you have been looking for:


  1. Don't know how to lose weight easily and effectively and keep it off? We do!

  2. Don't know how to reduce and eliminate medications safely and permanently? We do!

  3. Don't know what prevention strategy works and whats just hype? We do!

  4. Don't know how to avoid future chronic problems with heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, sleep apnea, and dementia without drugs or devices? We do!


Put yourself- not the government and pharmaceutical companies- back in control of your health.​


Be the BEST version of yourself you can be-and start today with a medical staff that LEADS by EXAMPLE!


Join us and Prevent It Now!®


Unlike traditional Western Medicine that is largely symptom focused, Prevent It Now!® focuses on the underlying biochemical processes by which diseases develop.


With this focus disease progression may be slowed, stopped, and in some cases reversed allowing the treatment of existing problems and the prevention of future problems.


Prevent It Now!® shows you through your daily choices how to reduce reliance on medication and help prevent and address the processes responsible for:


1. Pre-Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes

2. Obesity

3. Heart Disease

4. High Blood Pressure

5. Sleep Apnea

6. Cancers of the skin, lung, breast, and prostate

7. Dementia


Join our community of like minded individuals and begin TODAY to

Prevent It Now!®

Paul E. Lemanski, MD, FACP has practiced Internal Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine for over 30 years. He holds a Master's Degree in Human Nutrition from Columbia University and served as the director of the Lifestyle Program at Kaiser Permanente NE division and the HeartPower Program at General Electiric Power Systems. He has worked with Laurie Burton-Grego, MS, RD, CDE for over 20 years.

Laurie Burton-Grego, MS, RD, CDE is a Registered Dietitian with a Masters Degree in Health Education with over 30 years experience; Laurie is a Certified Diabetes Educator and also has also had experience as a Certified Aerobics Instructor.

For more information and to sign up for free introductory session email us at

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