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Welcome to the website of my practice.


My practice is open and accepting new patients.

I can help you with:

  • Weight Reduction and Weight Control

  • Blood Cholesterol Reduction

  • Advanced Heart Disease Risk Assessment

  • High Blood Pressure Reduction

  • Prevention of Diabetes

  • Remission of Diabetes

  • Reversing Sleep Apnea

  • Gastro-esophageal Reflux (GERD)

  • Smoking Cessation Counseling

And I can help you use fewer medications, less medication, and potentially discontinue medication while getting healthier.


Paul Lemanski, MD FACP

"Our Goal is to use lifestyle improvement to achieve the best health outcome and a non-medicated life, whenever possible."


He is extremely knowledgeable his primary goal is to care for his patients

Best doctor I've had in my 62 years. He has provided me with excellent care and lifestyle advice that has improved my health and well being. He is to the point and does not waste time trying to be my buddy. I have a good rapport with him and his staff and have no problem waiting for the individualized attention and time he provides to each of his patients. Ed K

Paul has been the family physician every since the former head of CDPHP suggested that my care be transferred to Dr. Lemanski--More than 10 years, less than 20. Dr. Lemanski has proved to be an outstanding clinical overseer of both myself and members of my family. He and his staff are always available even on short notice for consultation and medical evaluation. They are fully informed of past and current medical conditions and acutely aware of medical protocols and call for the lab tests appropriate to evaluate changing health conditions .

I have been with Dr. Paul Lemanski for about 15 years. He has always taken his time in his examinations and communicates exceptionally well when discussing my health. He puts the patients needs over any other factors like insurance companies pressures to cut costs. He is an exceptional doctor.

I hesitated to rate Dr. L., because I don't want too many more people to see him. He has enough patients already... But seriously, this is a good doc who's very smart, very thorough, and smart enough to check/research if he's not sure about something. I had not had a primary care doc for years before I saw him; I expect a lot from my physicians. This is a doctor I'll stick with.

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