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ROUTINE OFFICE VISITS at 2 Executive Park Drive will be suspended during the week 3/16/20 to 3/20/20, pending review of information from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the NY State Department of Health. Will will issue an OFFICE POLICY MEMO each week during the COVID19 PANDEMIC. Please check our web site for updates. (Understanding the possible increased risk from COVID19, patients preferring to be seen for routine visit in office may be accommodated on a case by case basis, after discussion with the doctor).

ROUTINE OFFICE VISITS will be preferentially completed by TELEMEDICINE using MEDENT VIDEO VISIT feature. In order to use the VIDEO VISIT feature, we must know your e-mail or your cell phone number and carrier. Please supply one of these when the nurse calls to prep you for the visit. If you are unable to use the MEDENT VIDEO VISIT feature-for a limited time-the doctor may attempt Skype or FaceTime or make a normal telephone call. Dr. Lemanski has access to Laboratory Results, Consults, and X-rays remotely. Dr. Lemanski will also be able to order labs (LabCorp preferred) and X-rays and consults for you.

URGENT OFFICE VISITS and PRE-OP CLEARANCES will be handled on a case by case basis at 2 Executive Park Drive after discussion with the office nurse or Dr. Lemanski.

• Patient who feel they need to be tested for COVID19 should call the nurses line and we will call you back for a determination of the advisability for testing and with instructions on where to go and how you get results. ALL PATIENTS who feel they need to be tested should NOT walk into the office and should remain quarantined at home pending the discussion.

• Patients calling for other results or other requests or questions should call our main number 518-456-4200 and when prompted leave a message for the medical secretary and/or the nurse and we will return your call. Our FAX number is 518-444-4810.

• We ask for your understanding and patience during this difficult time. We are committed to protecting our patients during the COVID19 PANDEMIC and providing the highest quality patient care.

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